Ozzy Osbourne insisted in an interview with Rolling Stone that he is not retiring from music at the end of his upcoming “No More Tours 2” tour, but is instead saying goodbye to long global treks in favor of select shows. He explained, “I’m not retiring. It’s ‘No More Tours,’ so I’m just not doing world tours anymore. I’m still going to be doing gigs, but I’m not going on tour for six months at a time anymore. I’d like to spend some time at home.”

The Black Sabbath singer — who also said farewell to that group a year ago this week — said he simply wants to spend more time at home with his ever-expanding family, admitting, “I just need to slow it down a little. I enjoy being a grandfather. I don’t want to go through another generation of Osbournes without seeing them grow up.”

  • Ozzy’s son Jack and his wife Lisa just welcomed their third daughter into the world last weekend, giving the 70-year-old Prince of Darkness a total of eight grandchildren now.
  • Ozzy told us a while back that he appreciated being alive and sober more than ever: [“We all take life for granted, you know, and nobody wants to talk about the fact that any of us could go to bed one night and never wake up again. We just take life for granted. I was under the influence of one chemical or another for so long that the joy of just coming around, waking up now without a hangover is great, you know.”] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . great, you know.)
  • Ozzy’s final world tour kicks off this spring with dates in Mexico, South America and Europe, coming to North America in August. It’s slated to last until 2020.
  • He said this week at a press conference that he has “eight or nine” song ideas for a new album, which he may work on once the tour is completed.
  • He and his wife/manager Sharon Osbourne also indicated that Ozzfest will continue as an annual destination festival even if Ozzy himself doesn’t play, and that the singer could entertain the idea of doing a residency somewhere.
Story source: Rolling Stone and Loudwire

SIDE NOTES: Ozzy was asked at a press conference if he would be okay with sending an Ozzy hologram out on tour after he eventually passed on. Holograms of Ronnie James DioElvis Presley and Frank Zappa are all making the rounds, with more to come. Ozzy responded, “If I’m gone, I don’t have a say in the matter.”