Ron Wood says that he’s gotten the all clear from doctors regarding his recent cancer scare. Wood, who had a portion of his lung removed last year, revealed to The Metro, “I had three months of check-ups and it was all clear and they said go and enjoy life. . . Luckily, all mine was contained within the left lung and I was fortunate enough to get shot of it, bang. There was none in the rest of my body so I didn’t require chemo. . . . it was a wonder I wasn’t riddled with cancer in both lungs. It’s a wonder they both didn’t explode. . . I was prepared to remain positive to my dying breath. I’ve had a great life and I was all ready to go. Wow! I didn’t know I was going to be given the ticket to last this long. What a reprieve.”

Ron Wood, who is now 70, and the last new member to join the Rolling Stones, will celebrate his 43rd anniversary of joining the band this spring: “There’s something magic that happens when all four of us come together. It’s like a momentum none of us can explain. It’s like, bang — an unstoppable force. There’s nothing to stop us because I think the band is playing the best it’s ever played.”

  • Wood is adamant that the band is still grooving nightly on performing hits and hidden gems from its amazing catalogue, saying, “All of the songs we play have a life of their own. Instead of the monotony of ‘er, not that song again’, which you would think might set in with us being so weathered and aged, there’s a kind of freshness. ‘Satisfaction,’ for instance — that takes on a completely different shape every time we play it now, which means it’s more of a challenge to make it ring true with a different presentation.”
  • When asked to compare the two frontmen he’s backed over the course of his career — Rod Stewart in the Faces and the legendary Mick Jagger, a diplomatic Wood explained, “I have played with two of the best frontmen: Rod in his warmth and his humor, and Mick with his sheer stamina, vigor and unbelievable energy. Mick comes and urges you on. He shares a vibe and gives encouragement, and I often feel him go by and wonder: ‘What was that?’ I have to hand it to him.”
  • A while back, Ron Wood spoke candidly about the highs and lows of his decades of heavy drug use: [“I took the good things out of the acid experience, for instance, and I think I did the same with the cocaine — even though it took much longer to give up. The heroin was. . . I just used to smoke it in cigarettes and, like, phhh — unbelievable windows that that opened. And I always thought, if I’m in my late-’70s. . .  (laughs) Keith (Richards) and I said, if we’re in our late-’70s and in pain, we’ll take that up again (laughs), y’know? It’s the best painkiller there is. But it’s all an illusion, really. But it’s always damaging you, like cigarettes — they’re the worst ones.”] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . . the worst ones)
  • The Rolling Stones kick of their 2018 European dates on May 17th in Dublin, Ireland

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  • Out now is the 256-page book, Ronnie Wood: ArtistBest Classic Bands reported the tome features works by the legendary Faces and Rolling Stones guitarist consisting of almost 400 pieces of paintings, drawings, and sculpture.