CPR Training Helped Aunt Save Two-Year-Old Niece’s Life Saturday in Salem

CPR training is being lauded as having helped a woman save the life of her two-year-old niece after the child fell into a family pool Saturday night in Salem.

According to Salem police, the toddler was found unconscious in a pool on Meadowlane Drive where family members had gathered for a get together.

The aunt performed CPR on the child and had the girl breathing before Salem police and Marion County EMS had arrived.

Paramedics gave the child oxygen before transporting her to Salem Township Hospital for observation. The aunt’s quick action is being hailed as having saved the child’s life.

Family members reported to police that they had seen the toddler shortly before she was found in the in-ground pool, so they believed she had not been in the pool very long.

The names of those involved are not being released.