Centralia Man Files Open Guilty Plea in Sexual Assault Case

CLINTON COUNTY — After more than three years, the Clinton County sexual assault case against a 44-year-old Centralia man has come to a close with an open plea of guilt filed by the defendant Wednesday.

According to Clinton County State’s Attorney John Hudspeth, on May 14, sheriff’s deputies arrested Wright, of Hugo Road in Centralia.

In May 2015, Jeremy W. Wright was sentenced Wednesday to 3-years sex offender probation and ordered to pay $1,000 plus court costs, other fines and other fees, as well as have no contact with the victim.

Wright was charged with Class 1 felony criminal sexual assault of a family member under the age of 18 and Class 2 felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a family member under the age of 18.

He filed an open plea of guilty, which means he does not admit guilt, but admits that if the prosecution presented their evidence to a jury he would likely be found guilty.

Wright has been set free on $5,000 bond since shortly after his arrest.

He was last scheduled for jury trial in the case in July, but that setting was vacated for a possible plea agreement. His bond will be applied to all fines and fees.