Former SIU President Dunn Accuses Two University Officials of Violating Separation Agreement


CARBONDALE — Lawyers for former SIU President Randy Dunn have accused two current SIU leaders of violating a separation agreement with Dunn.

This week, an article in The Southern Illinoisan claimed Dunn failed to sign off $499,000 in recruitment funding for the Carbondale campus.

The Southern cites e-mails between top administrators which show Dunn declined to give final approval on the spending for recruitment to SIUC for more than two months this summer, setting back time-sensitive recruitment initiatives.

Dunn’s attorneys say he can’t fully give his side of the story due to the separation agreement he signed in July.

But, Dunn says the trustee and associate chancellor quoted in the article violated the mutual non-disparagement and confidentiality provisions in the separation agreement.